Why Did I Draw Those Damn Fish?

I began to hate photographs because I saw my smile trapped in them and because they started to tell lies about people who don’t even exist. They once were, and I hope they will be once again, yet another way to fall in love with the world.


I’ll know love when I see it. Yea, it will be the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen but it will go beyond that. She’ll put in me awe through her intelligence and humor alone. That’s how I’ll know.

We throw time away so we can sit down and regret it later.

She was like a strike of lightning that hits and leaves a burning hole behind. She was a noise so loud that when she left the silence was deafening. A light so bright that when it was gone left you buried in darkness. She came all at once but left slowly, in fact I’ve almost lived out the rest of my life and she’s still alive in the storm inside my mind.